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+7 (831) 433-33-66
+7 (831) 433-33-66
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About us

PROMIMPEX is a foreign economic and logistics company that renders active services to the companies of Nizhny Novgorod and Volga Federal District in the field of development and implementation of foreign economic projects.


The foreign economic activities cover a huge number of regulatory and legal frameworks in the field of international trade. Each foreign economic project requires a large volume of preliminary work attracting international trade experts. The economic outcome of any international trade transaction depends on the effective work of the logistics company.


The leading world companies entrust the non-core activities to the domain experts. One of these domains is a foreign economic activity. Customs clearance, transportations, cargo forwarding and storing, and other services concerning foreign economy are the key activities of the “PROMIMPEX” company. Our work experience in the logistics, customs operations and international trade provides benefits to our customers and creates a positive image of Russian business abroad.


The foreign economic and logistics company PROMIMPEX specializes in project logistics in the area of foreign economic activities. We work with customers who ship and receive cargoes on a daily basis and who import the equipment as part of investment projects. For international trade newcomers, we render full services in logistics and legal issues relating to the transaction; we reduce the costs and organize the work with a foreign partner.


We offer our customers the following services:


• Audit of foreign economic activities of a company

• Drawing and analysis of foreign trade contracts Forwarding

• Customs clearance


We obtain approval certificates for import/export

• Search of foreign partners

• Guaranteed refund of overpaid customs duties

• Certification and insurance

• Representation of customers’ interests in the Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation and abroad on issues related to the foreign economic activity.


We value time and save money of our customers. Our mission is to provide professional assistance to Russian customers in their business cooperation with foreign partners as part of the foreign economic activities. We pursue the expansion of trade and attraction of new partners. Based on contract on outsourcing of foreign economic activities, the partnership relations with customers allow us to avoid economic losses. We will find the goods you need abroad, deliver them to Russia, clear them at customs and transport them to your warehouse.


The professional competence of specialists of PROMIMPEX company is the key to the successful implementation of any international contract to the benefit of our customers and partners. Our company employs only skilled foreign economy managers, lawyers, customs clearance specialists, experts and valuators. Our specialists have sophisticated information technology which is necessary to carry out foreign economic activities according to high international standards. The successful work experience and excellent reputation in the business world of N. Novgorod, Moscow and Volga Federal District allowed the PROMIMPEX logistics company to become the leader in the field of services of the foreign economic activities. We are working dynamically on the development of optimal logistics plans that reduce costs and shorten cargo delivery time. We have forged a strong relationship with our contractors and partners in the fields of transport, storage and certification. We offer favorable cooperation conditions to our customers and reasonable prices of services of the foreign economic activities.

The world trade becomes much easier… with us!

+7 (831) 433-33-66
email: ved@prom-impex.ru
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