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+7 (831) 433-33-66
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Transportation and insurance

The international transportation is carried out as part of the international contracts on the supply of products, raw materials and equipment.

The organization of the delivery of goods requires skilled and complex work of professional logistics centers and their officers.

The foreign economic and logistics company PROMIMPEX provides the services in the organization of international and Russian domestic transportation of goods and cargoes using all means of transportation:


• automobile transportation

• rail way transportation

• air transportation

• joint container transportation

• OOG transportation

• forwarding services

The perfect alignment of all chains of the international goods delivery process, the development of optimal delivery routes and transportation solutions allow us to utilize efficiently the resources entrusted by our customers.

Transportation insurance. The international goods transportation involves, not infrequently, the increased risk of damage, loss and theft of goods. We underwrite the liability of forwarding agents in order to secure the financial soundness of the transport operators. The insurance of goods is an essential part both of the work and foreign trade contracts. The basic contract for single insurance of goods is signed for the period from 30 to 60 days. The policy duration covers the whole period of the goods transportation from the point of origin to the final destination.


+7 (831) 433-33-66
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