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Temporary storage and storing

Temporary storage warehouse (SVKh) and storing

Bonded warehouses and temporary storage warehouses


The international transportation of goods and cargoes require the storage work management. Some participants in foreign economic activities do not know the difference between the bonded warehouse and temporary storage warehouse (SVKh). Let’s take a look more closely at the differences between an SVKh and a bonded warehouse from point of view of owner of goods who is planning to store the goods in one of these warehouses.

The temporary storage warehouses can be of close and open type. The open-type SVKh is available for all kinds of goods and for use by various people. The temporary storage warehouses of close type are available for storage of goods of warehouse keeper or for certain goods, including goods restricted for turnover or goods which require special storage conditions. Both bonded warehouses and SVKh can be owned by the customs authorities of Russia. In this case, the SVKh of customs authorities are the warehouses of open type. The contract signed between customs authority and a person who stores goods in an SVKh should comply with the requirements of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation. The customs authority acknowledges the receipt of goods for storage by giving the notice of receipt. In case the bonded warehouse is not owned by the customs authorities, the owner of goods cover the storage cost as a service payment for storage of goods; or as fixed customs fee for storage, in case the goods are stored in the warehouse of the customs authorities.

The major part of the imported goods goes through the procedure of storage in an SVKh. At the request of owner of goods, the goods may be stored in an SVKh. The proceeding could be compulsory - as the goods are in the customs area, they go to an SVKh without declaring storage conditions. There they wait for the submission of documents which specify the conditions. There is also the so-called “voluntary-compulsory” proceeding of goods storage in an SVKh.

After specifying the conditions, according to the provisions of item 360 of the Customs Code of the Russian Federation, before the moment of release for the free circulation the goods and transport vehicles which have been imported in the customs territory of the Russian Federation are controlled by the customs and consequently should be located in the area of the customs control where an SVKh and bonded warehouses equally refer to the same.

Bonded warehouse

The bonded warehouse can be of close and open type. The open-type bonded warehouses are available for use by various persons and for all kinds of goods. In most cases, the owner of goods will deal with this type of warehouses. The close-type bonded warehouses are available for goods storage of warehouse keeper only. The customs authority acknowledges the receipt of goods for storage by giving the notice of receipt. Many customs terminals have corresponding bonded warehouses. You may look for the bonded warehouses of the Russian Federation in the register of the Federal Customs Service of Russia.

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