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Customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods, customs processing service


The Russian Customs legislation in the field of regulation of export-import operations is rather complex and specific. The essential documentation and customs clearance procedure involve the cooperation with the customs authorities and other institutions. You may avoid all kinds of problems while at customs if you make use of services of the reputable companies which have proved themselves in these activities.

The specialists of PROMIMPEX company render full range of services to the legal bodies in foreign economic activities, find optimal solutions to the implementation of foreign trade transactions, and thoroughly clear the goods at the customs. We act as trusted agents of our customers in the customs authorities. Making use of services rendered by our company, the corporation or business man may considerably reduce expenses for customs clearance and significantly accelerate the process of goods transportation. In fact, our experts will help you to eliminate the possibility of financial, legal and other risks and conflicts with the customs authorities. Acting as a representative of an owner of goods, the specialists of our company make all possible arrangements at all stages of the customs control starting from the customs declaration and delivery of goods to the warehouses, storage monitoring and its further customs clearance.

Customs clearance services include:
•legal due diligence of foreign trade contracts, provision of information and consulting services concerning the foreign economic activities of your company;
• development of optimal export/import plans;
•documents preparation for the classification decision of the Federal Customs Service (TN VED universal code) that reduces your expenses, minimizes the rate of duty for goods, and accelerates the process of customs clearance;
• determination of Harmonized System tariff codes, the preparation of a complete package of documents in order to get duty and tax allowances;
• preliminary electronic reports on goods transported across the customs frontier of Russia;
• receipt of documents which confirm that goods or transport vehicles have crossed the customs frontier of Russia in order to accelerate the process of VAT refund from the export operations of your company;
• e-declaration of goods and transport vehicles;
• international logistics and goods forwarding using various means of transport, delivery of all kinds of goods on a “door-to-door” basis;
• drawing of certificates, acts and other kinds of approvals from various governmental authorities which control import/export of goods;
• acting on your behalf on issues regarding the customs clearance of goods supplied to you .
• Preparation of all documents for the cargo.
•Receipt of imported/exported goods on frontier checkpoint

Delivery of goods to the final destination.
• Authenticity check of documents for the delivered goods.
•Transportation, loading, unloading, transfer, damage control of package of goods.
• Calculation and payment of customs fees and charges in due time.
•Acquisition of the certificates and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, and other approvals.

We clear the goods as quick as possible reducing considerably all the financial costs of our customers. The velocity, cost and quality of the customs clearance depend mainly on the professional skills and responsibility of the contractor.

When do customs give “green light”? Only when you are working with the specialists of the logistics company PROMIMPEX!

+7 (831) 433-33-66
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