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Outsourcing services

Outsourcing services in the sphere of foreign economic activities

Outsourcing of foreign economic activities – services of international trade specialists

Your company needs to purchase the equipment and goods from abroad? It is the first time experience of the international trade? Your department of foreign economic relations cannot cope with the increasing inflow of the international procurement? There is a solution! You may contact the independent commercial company that renders foreign economic services. You may entrust the support of your international contracts to a business structure like the logistics company PROMIMPEX. Your foreign partners will also highly appreciate our extensive expertise and efficient response to complex problems in the international trade.

The term «Outsourcing» means the transfer of the certain business processes and production functions from one company to another one which is in the corresponding business. At the moment, the outsourcing services of the foreign economic activities are much in demand for the companies which wholesale and retail foreign goods, for the companies that use imported raw materials in their production, and for those which export goods of their own production.

How does the concept of the foreign economic activities look like in the context of the outsourcing?
1. The customer and the logistics company PROMIMPEX enter into a standard contract on equipment and goods supply in the territory of Russia.
2. Our lawyers define the plan of transaction.
3. Our foreign economic specialists monitor all relevant proposals of the foreign suppliers.
4. The payments (including advance payments) under a foreign economic contract are made in russian roubles.
5. The specialists of PROMIMPEX purchase the required goods or equipment.
6. The cargo is delivered to Russia and cleared at the customs.
7. The specialists of PROMIMPEX prepare all the approval certificates and customs documents for the import and pay all duties and taxes.
8. The cargo is delivered at the disposal of the Customer with all the accompanying documents: invoice etc. 

INDUSTRIAL IMPORT EXPORT LLC is a foreign economic and logistics company that renders the complete range of services to various companies carrying out foreign economic activities.

We handle the project logistics of foreign economic activities. Actually it is the laboratory of a foreign economic transaction with all the required support, legal if needed, till the stage determined by our customer. We do not deal with those who ship and receive one-batch goods on a daily basis. However, in order to minimize the costs we also may render our services to them, if appropriate. We are oriented towards those who engage in this activity for the first time ever and towards those who import the production equipment as part of the investment projects renewing the main facilities.

This focus area requires a large volume of the preliminary work to do what results in the reduction of costs and well-organized work with foreign partners.

We undertake the technical assignment from our customer and then work thoroughly on the logistics supply chain specifying the costs and time. All you have to do is to enter into a single contract with us – we will do everything else for you so that you receive the ordered goods in your warehouse.

If needed, we may enter into a foreign trade contract at our own discretion and you will have no problems with the exchange and customs control. These problems will be ours from that moment on.

The partnership relations based on the foreign economic outsourcing contract will make it possible to avoid all kinds of problems. The most import thing is that it will help you to reduce the costs and to concentrate your time and attention on core business.

+7 (831) 433-33-66
email: ved@prom-impex.ru
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