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+7 (831) 433-33-66
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Legal services

Legal services in the sphere of foreign economic activities


The foreign economic activities dispense with daily and multipurpose legal assistance. Your company might meet with the misconduct of the tax and customs authorities. The lawyers of the company PROMIMPEX will provide adequate protection of your interests in court.

The integrity of the foreign economic transactions is a pledge of seamless work with the state bodies of customs surveillance. But problems might arise from time to time. The foreign economic and logistics company PROMIMPEX always comes to help its customers when the situation requires professional legal intervention. We provide assistance to you in the following issues of customs law and exchange regulation:
1. Customer’s representation in the customs authorities resolving all kinds of disputes as well as customer’s defense in administrative and criminal cases;
2. Appeal of actions of the customs authorities in the course of the administrative procedures or in courts.
3. Customs law consulting services:
• calculation and confirmation of the customs value;
• proof of origin of goods;
• classification of goods;
• use of economically feasible customs treatments of import and export of goods.
4. Elaboration of recommendations on the preferential tax treatment of goods which cross the customs frontier of the Russian Federation, on the VAT refund from the import/export of goods, on the relief from customs import duty and VAT at customs clearance stage.
5. Development and monitoring of projects on the property deposit investments in authorized (joint stock) capital,
6. Customs risks identification in the process of import and export, and elaboration of recommendations on risk reduction;
7. Legal due diligence of customs documents, foreign economic contracts, and other commercial documents;
8. Direct assistance in preparation of essential documents necessary for the customs clearance, including foreign trade contracts, commercial and accompanying documents.
9. Legal assistance in drawing contracts on customs broker services, transportation services as well as customs warehousing or temporary warehousing of goods.
10. Drawing foreign trade and foreign economic contracts in compliance with standards of international law and legislation of the Russian Federation, including civil, customs, exchange and tax law.
11. Exchange regulation consulting (including issues regarding exchange transactions between residents, nonresidents, residents and nonresidents; resident repatriation of foreign exchange and exchange of the Russian Federation; drawing of transaction passport etc.).
12. Trademark registration in the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation in order to prevent the import of infringing goods; right holders representation in customs authorities.

Our experience in the sphere of the customs legislation and exchange regulation contributes substantially to the achievement of our customers’ targets in foreign economic activities. We always provide professional legal assistance on all issues concerning foreign economic activities, including relief from customs duties as well as the customs value calculation.

+7 (831) 433-33-66
email: ved@prom-impex.ru
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