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+7 (831) 433-33-66
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Logistic services

 Logistics services in the foreign economic activity

The main target in today’s fast-changing market environment is the regular supply of raw materials, building materials and production equipment. The flexibility of business and production is achieved by attracting the foreign independent companies that render professional logistics services and make it possible to carry out the foreign economic activity according to high international standards.


The international trade is a complex system of relations which includes not only direct sellers and buyers of goods but also logistics, financial, and transport companies. The tax and customs authorities exercise control over that system. In order to understand the complexity of a foreign economic transaction, one can divide it into certain stages. The whole system of the transport logistics and customs clearance is as follows:

• Customer’s order for purchase of goods
• Calculation of contract cost and determination of payment amounts.
• Conclusion of agency contract
• Purchase of goods in foreign exchange.
• Cargo transportation and insurance.
• Acquisition of approval certificates for imported goods.
• Customs clearance.
• Drawing of accompanying documents.
• Delivery of goods to customer’s warehouse.

The factor that distinguishes PROMIMPEX LLC from its competition at the logistics market is the primary responsibility to the customers. Each foreign economic project is taken on by a personal manager. In certain cases, the specialists of the PROMIMPEX logistics company find the right suppliers of raw materials and equipment abroad, agree on the terms of payment, and choose the contractors and cargo forwarding companies. We take under our control the latest updates on the process of transportation and cargo delivery time.

The world trade becomes much easier… with us!

+7 (831) 433-33-66
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